5 Best Shoe storage ideas

Whether you have an extensive shoe collection or just a pair of shoes, expensive or cheap, the fact remains that you need to organize and keep them safe away from dust and other elements like rain. In the house, you will need to keep them organized to avoid scattering them all around the house. If the shoes are stinking, you will need to look for the best place to avoid bringing foul odor into the house.. As you all know, shoe collection can get out of hand, especially if it has a large family. For example, take this scenario you want to move out of the house for an important function, then you only one single shoe in the house when the other one has been misplaced. This can a very annoying experience. The chances are you will late to get out. To avoid this, in this article, we will discuss the five best ways to declutter your shoe collection

Wooden cabinet storage solution

This is one of the best ways of keeping your shoe collection safe. It not only declutters the floor but also provides aesthetics and functionality. The box sizes can be customized to fit your expectations. Besides, you can use the top of the cabinets to store books

Shoe cabinet folio

This combines both space-saving efficiency and easy access. It is best for keeping your frequently accessed shoe collections. First-time visitors in the house would mistakenly confuse this shoe cabinet folio with the ordinary cabinet. It allows you to separate the frequently used shoes from those that are not used often. The frequently used ones are put at the top cabinets, while the frequently used ones are kept at the bottom cabinets.

Under the stairs shoe rack

Although many people think that the space under the stairs is a dead space, it can also serve a useful multifunctional purpose. Space can be used to store frequently used shoes depending on the size of the space.

Miniature cubby shoe organizer

This model offers enough room in each unit to comfortably fit at least two pairs of shoes. However, this model takes a lot of floor and shelf space. You may need plenty of space in each room if you need to purchase this model

A shoe organizer under your bed

The space under your bed is a hidden space that can be used to store your shoe collection. The bed is fitted with drawers that slide under it. Amazingly the drawers can take up to 12 pairs of shoes.

Organizing your shoes in the house keeps them in one central place for easy access and keeps your house or apartment clean and tidy. For more top notch shoe storage ideas visit https://tylko.com/shelves/shoerack/

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